Our History

2 Timothy 1:6
For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God,
which is in you through the laying on of my hands.


House of Ember is a worship, recording and praise music ministry. It is a collective of worship leaders, songwriters, and engineers, composers and lyricists. who have spent many years writing and producing christian worship music for others. As the Lord has lead us to this new path, to create and produce our own sound and music. We hope to make it available to His worshippers who desire to honor God though praise and adoration. Ultimately we are called to sing to the Lord a new song. Psalm 96:1

As House of Ember moves forward on this journey in producing our debut album, our focus will be to strives to create, inspire and offer God’s church new music to praise our Lord. With our love and passion for new music and our decades of experience in all different types of denominational and corporate worship, with fellowships of all sizes. House of Ember looks to cultivate our own unique voice. With an eclectic influence which spans many years and with a reverence for the praise and worship music that has the proceeded us. House of Ember wants to return to the very basics of what we as worshippers are called to be. That is, to Worship in Spirit and in Truth. John 4:24

We seek to be lead and inspired by the Holy Spirit. Seeking the richness of God’s Word to help pen the music and songs of praise we hope to offer our gracious Savior. Grounded in the deep theological foundation of who God is, and what our purpose as those who desire to follow Him. Our mission is to us music to help build a culture of worship and bring individuals of all demographics and denominations to the one purpose which we should all be able to agree upon. That is to worship the one and true living God of the universe. Using the incredible gift of music to help communicate and share that special message of redemption and forgiveness. John 4:23

In early 1999 at Calvary Chapel of Huntington Beach, California, All of My Hungry Heart was our first self-produced, Christian-themed praise and worship album. we would try our hand at producing and arranging an entire project ourselves, as well as performing all of the album’s instrumentation.

It was our desire to also include some very talented vocalists to perform on the album. These vocalists would include Rayanne Allmain, Kathleen Leatherman, and Bethany Welsh.

All of My Hungry Heart is comprised of all original compositions. One contribution, “Have I Told You” was written by first time songwriter Billy Bird. The song “In Your Courts” was written by Meg Bannerman and would be our first collaborated effort. Of course, we would add our unique touch of orchestrations to complete the song’s final arrangement. For the song “Jesus, My Redeemer”, a special vocal performance was provided by the Calvary Chapel Children’s Choir.

The album itself was really an experiment in progress, as various parts of certain songs were being written during the actual production of the album. This allowed for impetuous creativity to drive the direction of those tracks.

For all who participated in the making of All of My Hungry Heart, they each had the opportunity to contribute creatively to the album’s production. This album would also take full advantage of the new advances in sampled instruments and song sequencing. We would use these tools to their fullest potential in completing the final product.

House of the Risen Son was a worship project which was conceived and executed over a long period of time. We would oversee the song choices and their arrangements by selecting a number of classic worship songs from what is fondly referred to as “The Oden Fong Days”.

Oden Fong was Associate Pastor at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, California. Here he would lead both the music in worship as well as a Bible Study on Tuesday evenings in the early 1990s. The worship during this time was a great influence and inspiration on us. It helped cultivate our own style of worship and worship leading.

The biggest challenge for us was writing new arrangements for many of these familiar songs. We would then meticulously go over each of these newly updated arrangements and select instrumentation for the individual songs. It would be a tremendous undertaking, but one that we sincerely looked forward to applying our enhanced skills to.

The end result guided us in finding a perfect balance between allowing each of the selected songs to present their message with showcasing their beautiful melodies to their fullest potential. We would also add our own signature touch to these familiar tunes, adding to and orchestrating each part, in order to maintain the song’s integrity while expanding the song with a more contemporary sound.

The vocalists who participated on House of The Risen Son were Steven SmithSherwin QuezonJanice Devries, and Robyn Samuelson.

Recorded in the summer of 2011. This was our second full scale worship music project since 2005. The entire project had been inspired by my recent move to the state of Montana.

The CD would be a gift to those attending Hannaford Street’s annual Pastor’s Conference. The conference itself attracted pastors from all over the country looking to be renewed and refreshed. It was the Conference’s 15th anniversary. So what better gift to give pastors and their churches than a worship CD with original inspired worship music.

The challenge was monumental, but there was no doubt that our new worship team could manage this undertaking. We knew when all was said and done, it was possible to complete it under the time frame set.

We were also very fortunate in that we had a very gifted group of individuals on our worship team. Even having some songwriters collaborating together for the first time was great. The members of the Hannaford Street worship team were given only six months to write, arrange and produce and record an all original worship CD. Time was certainly not on our side, and of course having some members on the team who had never even experience the process of recording an entire CD before was daunting, let alone a project of this scope.

Things were finally set into motion. We had a working time frame to meet and it was a pretty straight forward goal. The CD would include all original music and would be preformed by the worship team.

Everyone involved in the project really stepped up by offering their gifts of time, music, lyrics, voices and instruments to help create one incredible worship CD. The final product speaks for itself. It includes a diverse style of musical influences and captures sincere hearts, worshipping, praising and pouring out their emotions through songs of hope and adoration.

Additional songwriters, Amber Olson, Jake Stinking, Gary Blom, David Perrigan, Jessica House.