Studio Albums

Studio Albums

We have written and produced a number of albums over the course of many years. These have been done for a variety of different fellowships. You can listen to all the work and effort we have put into each album we help to craft and create. Many of these previously recorded worship & praise albums can be purchased at our online music store. You can also view some of our lyric videos online as well, by visiting our YouTube channel.

Nothing New Under The Son

“Nothing New Under The Son” was a worship and praise album featuring covers of a number of popular worship songs. The production team was very excited cultivating a unique sound for the album. It was our goal to make the music fresh, and to focus on the arrangements and performances as well as selecting our favorite contemporary songs and a few hymns. It was a joy to help produce and perform and to make it available to God’s people.

The Night That Love Was Born (Christmas Album)

“The Night That Love Was Born”. Takes a bit of a new twist on a number of classic Christmas standards. Adding our own special touch and a few modern arrangements to some of the seasons’ most memorable songs. We infuse a few classic worship songs you know into a number of classic traditional Christmas works you know and love. Bringing a mix of the traditional as well as a modern feel into the songs you have come to know so well.

Hanford Street Worship

“Hanford Street Worship”. Was created to be a gift to those attending Hannaford Street’s annual Pastor’s Conference. The conference itself attracts pastors from all over the country looking to be renewed and refreshed. It was the Conference’s 15th anniversary. So what better gift to give pastors and their churches than a worship CD with original inspired worship music. It was a monumental challenge that we very much enjoyed undertaking.

House of the Risen Son (Live Worship)

“House of the Risen Son” was a worship project which was conceived and executed over a long period of time. We would oversee the song choices and their arrangements by selecting a number of classic worship songs from what is fondly refer to as “The Oden Fong Days”. Oden Fong was the Associate Pastor at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, in California. He would lead both worship as well as a Bible Study in the early 1990s.

All of My Hungry Heart

“All of My Hungry Heart” was our first self-produced, Christian-themed praise and worship album. It would try our hand at producing and arranging the entire project ourselves. It was our desire to also include some very talented vocalists to perform on the album. These vocalists would include Rayanne Allmain, Kathleen Leatherman, and Bethany Welsh. The album as a great experience and help to launch our vision and passion.

If You Believe

“If You Believe”. Would be the vehicle to feature our skills as composers and would highlight our ability and passion to write elaborate orchestrations and melodies for a multitude of instruments. The album would also illustrate a deep spiritual side by bringing forth a number of original and contemporary praise and worship songs such as “You Are Here”, “Light of the World”, and the 6/8 song entitled, “Ancient of Days”. These songs would be our first contributions to the contemporary Christian genre.